Nick Morante Cosmetic Consultants 

Formulation Laboratory
and Technical Center

Creating the right formula and the right color is what we do at Nick Morante Cosmetic Consultants.  We create custom formulas for color and personal care cosmetics.  We design your formula around your specifications that complies with FDA regulations.  We also offer consulting services in an hourly, Per Diem, or monthly rate for your convenience.
Makeup and Color Cosmetics are a very integral part of the cosmetics business and are designed to enhance the beauty and appearance of an individual. If one looks good, there’s a very good chance that they will even feel better about themselves. That’s what we in the color cosmetic and beauty business tend to strive for through art, science, and creativity. Today color is used in virtually every industry in a wide variety of applications.  Color is very diverse in nature.  It is of natural origin as well as synthetic and encompasses every possible range of wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.                   




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